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**Please note: In July 2016, after almost five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we decided to close She Makes Magic. This podcast no longer receives new episodes but remains for now as an archive of incredible interviews. While She Makes Magic is now closed, we’d still love to hear from you. You can find Koren at or Alana and her new Untangled podcast series over at** Hosted by Australian sisters Koren and Alana Helbig, She Makes Magic: The Podcast Series is a collection of raw and gritty interviews sharing the real life stories of women who have left behind lives that don't quite fit right to bravely follow their wild hearts. We ask each woman to share her story – how she uncovered her gifts, faced her fears and challenges, learned to trust her intuition and continues to financially support herself. And how she embraces both the darkness and light, the success and the struggle – an inevitable part of growth and transformation. Through her story, we all find the courage to explore these parts of our own journey, too.
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Jul 19, 2016

Today, an announcement: after five incredible years of creativity and growth together, we have decided to close She Makes Magic.

To explain this decision, and to celebrate the immense beauty of all She Makes Magic is and was, we recorded a special podcast for you.

Jun 28, 2016

Katie Dean, Mindset and motivation mechanic, first dropped into my life just over a year ago when she invited me to be a guest on her website YOUR WILD LIFE.

I was instantly attracted to Katie's quirky sense of humour, her down-to-earth nature and her pure heart of gold.

As you'll hear in this interview, Katie has this unique capacity to go deep and honest in conversation while keeping things light-hearted and simple. You'll hear her talk about her journey with anxiety, what this has meant for her family life and for her business, why she ultimately decided to take anxiety medication, and how she's learnt to find the humour as she's navigated this path.

In this interview, Katie shares:

+ Her journey with anxiety, why she ultimately decided to take anxiety medication and the stigma she faced around this.

+ Redefining success after the birth of her son.

+ The reality of being a Mum while running an online business.

+ Why your outside world is a direct reflection of your internal landscape.

+ The danger of defining yourself by your job title / business.

Jun 21, 2016

Vienda Maria's first memory of the desire for freedom came at the age of six when her step-father cut off her beautiful long hair. From that day forward, she dreamed of living life on her own terms.

And, just like the manifesting goddess that she is, that's exactly the life she has created.

Vienda has spent the majority of her life travelling the world and choosing a path that best honours the desires of her soul. You'll hear her explain that, more often than not, this has required her to go against the status quo. But, in turn, has taught her how to deeply trust in her own inner guidance.

Here's a woman who walks her talk and is a shining example of how magical life can be when we stop looking for the answers outside ourselves and start listening to the wise voice within.

In this interview, Vienda shares:

+ Her story from psychology student, to the music festival scene, to blogger, to online biz owner and mentor.

+ Her experimentation with psychedelic drugs and how this gave her a deeper understanding of human behaviour, belief systems and thought processes.

+ How to cultivate trust in your own intuition.

+ The importance of spending time with people who are thriving examples of the kind of life you want to live.

+ Why she believes our fears are doorways to breakthroughs and how to sit with the discomfort of fear.

+ Why creating space and time to journey inwards is essential for living a life of freedom.

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Jun 2, 2016

Caroline Sanchez, an oncology nurse, hoop dancer and women’s movement guide, began her soul work at the age of 21 when her mother Grace passed away from breast cancer.

Following the subtle thread of her soul’s guidance, she became an oncology nurse, discovered hoop dancing in a city park, married the alternative art of hoop dancing with the Western medicine world through her Masters thesis, and became a Women's Empowerment Movement Mentor.

Having worked as an oncology nurse for over 12 years, supporting women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, Caroline has a very unique and potent way of looking at the world. Be inspired by her joy for life and her message of letting go of the good girl archetype and learning to resource from the fierce unapologetic love for our gifts and passions. Even when this might look wild, crazy, ugly or inappropriate to others.

In this interview, Caroline shares:

+ Discovering her soul work at the age of 21 after her mother Grace passed away from breast cancer.

+ Her experience with burn out and compassion fatigue in the nursing world.

+ How and why she started hoop dancing and what this daily practice has taught her about joy, body play and her soul gifts.

+ Marrying the alternative art of hoop dancing with conventional Western medicine and how her fear of being dismissed and judged as a "hippy" influenced this journey.

+ Feeling guided on the soul path and tuning into the subtleties of symbolism and synchronicity.

+ What it means to truly let go of the "good girl" archetype and show up in our raw fullness, even when this might look wild, ugly or inappropriate.

+ Learning to trust that your unique offerings and gifts are needed in this world.

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May 24, 2016

If you're here, it's likely that you have, at some point in your life, felt the nudge of your soul calling you to explore deeper and ask the bigger questions.

This soul inquiry process often starts out gentle – like a small quiet whisper – but eventually it gets louder and more urgent.

What this can often lead to is a stripping away, crumbling or destruction of all that no longer serves us. Often we drop into a period of unknown mystery. A time when we are no longer the person we once were but who we are to become is yet to make itself known to us.

I like to think of these periods as stripping for the soul. A process of removing all the layers we have outgrown. These times can be wild, erotic and empowering or they can feel awkward, uncomfortable and very vulnerable.

This interview catches Laura Anne Page three years into a period of soul stripping or, what she refers to as, journeying into the soul underworld.

Intrinsically tied to Laura's story is her former name Shakti Sunfire. A name which she used for over 10 years to promote her gifts as a hoop dancer, yoga instructor, movement educator, and mentor for women, amongst many other things.

This is the first time Laura has spoken publicly about the journey of returning to her birth name and what this has meant for her business, her intimate relationships and for her soul.

If you're in a period of mystery, if you're feeling called to strip away all the identities and labels you've placed on yourself, if you're feeling lost and confused about where to head to next, this is the interview for you.

In this interview, Laura shares:

+ Her three-year journey with exploring the unknown mysteries of her soul and why letting go of the name Shakti Sunfire has been paramount in this exploration.

+ The resistance and fears that showed up when she felt the call to explore deeper, including issues within her relationships and discomfort in her career.

+ Why the story that has come before now – however this story may look for you – is sacred and deserves to be honoured.

+ Why being in the mystery of the unknown is maginalised in our society and why it's important to honour these dark, unknown voids in our life, even when others around us might not understand.

+ Her personal inquiry process for tuning into the voice and wisdom of your soul.

+ Why she believes all of us have special soul gifts to offer the world.

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May 10, 2016

Nadine Lee has always had a deep connection to her spirituality and sexuality. At the age of 14, she had an intense and totally unexpected Kundalini awakening. At the time, Nadine thought she was losing her mind. With no one to turn to and no idea what was going on, she shut down her connection to spirit.

What followed was total abandonment of her soul path. Her life became filled with self-destructive habits -  partying, alcohol, drugs, casual sex and eating disorders.

Listen in as Nadine shares her journey from a disconnected marketing and advertising guru to connected tantra yoga teacher, sacred sexuality guide, energy healer and nutritionist.

In this interview, Nadine shares:

+ Why she shut down her connection to spirit after an intense Kundalini awakening at the age of 14 and how this impacted her schooling, career and life choices.

+ What it feels like in the body to be disconnected from your soul path.

+ Using drugs, alcohol, sex and food to fill the void.

+ Her experience with sexual abuse as a young child which eventually lead her to discover Tantra.

+ How overcoming the desire for acceptance propelled her business forward.

+ Why feeling good is paramount to creating an abundant life.

+ Moving through the fear of doing your soul work by aligning back to your heart.

+ Her exploration with breaking away from labels and defining her worth through her work.

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Apr 12, 2016

Back in 2003, Michelle Marie McGrath was living in Australia in a beautiful house on the water. She was excelling in her career and winning national awards. She appeared to be happily married. For an outsider looking in, it seemed Michelle was living the dream.

On the inside, however, Michelle was miserable. She says she felt like she was living someone else’s life.

One night, while deep in meditation, Michelle found herself asking “What do I most need?”

"Self-love" was what she heard in return.

This simple yet profound question propelled her down a path of deep introspection and awakening.

As you’ll hear Michelle share in this interview, committing to self-love wasn’t easy. She suffered a miscarriage, her marriage broke-down and she battled with illness, anxiety and depression as she rediscovered her lost love for herself.

Yet, what I adore about Michelle’s story, is her unwavering commitment to herself and her trust in her own intuition. You see, even though it seemed like her entire life was crumbling around her, Michelle still followed the soft whispers of her soul. Intuitively she developed a self-love range of alchemical oils which she used on herself to release old patterns and then eventually she began offering these oils to other women, forming the foundation of her intuitive-based business, Sacred Self.

Now Michelle is a self-love mentor for other women and host of the ground-breaking podcast series Unclassified Woman. Michelle is passionate about helping other women commit to a loving relationship with themselves and create lives of purpose beyond traditional paradigms.

In this interview, Michelle shares:

+ The story of her 10-year exploration and quest for self-love.

+ How she used meditation and her intuition to create her self-love range of alchemical oils.

+ Her battle with depression and the interesting experience in brazil which helped her to move through this.

+ Why seeking love externally rather than cultivating it within yourself can create confusion and anxiety.

+ How your relationships can change as you walk the soul-path and why this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

+ Why your relationship with your parents becomes a filter through how you perceive your relationships with others and with yourself.

+ Why she created her hugely popular podcast series – Unclassified Woman – which speaks to an audience of women who don't have or don't intend to have children.

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Mar 30, 2016

A few years back, Bec Shann swapped her plum job as a government agricultural research scientist for a simpler life on the land. She and her husband went to live in a tiny two-bedroom cabin on an Australian organic farm, where they became solely responsible for growing an enormous veggie patch and raising chickens and pigs.

Out there in the sunshine and rain, Bec came up with a beautiful alternative theory that you need to know about if you’ve ever dreamed of embracing the simple life.

In this interview, Bec shares:

+ How she stumbled across the very thing that made her feel super passionate – despite previously having no idea what she wanted to do in life.

+ Why she describes being made redundant as one of the most fortuitous turning points in her life.

+ How honing in on how she wanted to feel created stepping stones of opportunity toward the life she craved.

+ Why she says the simple life isn’t necessary easy, but rather it’s a life of intention.

+ What growing a garden has taught her about wider life.

+ Her strategies for accessing trust when fear and doubt come a-knocking.

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Mar 15, 2016

If you've been following us for a while you'll know, a couple of years back, I hit publish on a very vulnerable post about my sexuality. To this day, it is still the most vulnerable post I have ever shared.

Funny, it was about that same time that our community really started to grow and engage. And then, the stories rolled in. Emails, Facebook messages, even conversations with my closest friends. Women opening up to me and telling me that, at some point in their life, in one way or another, they had been through the same thing.

And I thought to myself: why the hell isn't anybody talking about this?

Finally, I decided to do something about it.

Meet Juliet Allen. A straight-talking sexologist with a passion for empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature.

This interview is slightly different from the ones I've done before. Sure, we talk a little about Juliet's journey from coffee barista to sexologist. But the juice is in Juliet's sexual awakening.

Listen in as we take a deep dive into her sexual journey – from a teenager kissing her girlfriends in nightclubs, to the birth of her daughter, to falling in love with a woman, to her experience with homophobia, to coming out as bisexual. Juliet talks powerfully about what it means to be attracted to the same sex.

It's inspiring to hear from a woman who is willing to bravely explore and follow her sexual desires, wherever they take her.

What I love about Juliet is her cheeky, fun and no-shame approach to all things sex. And why shouldn't it be that way? We all came from sex. Most of us have sex at some point in our life.

To all the women who reached out to me with your stories of both sexual confusion and sexual awakening, thank you. I created this interview for you.

In this interview, Juliet shares:

+ How and why she became a sexologist and what a day in the life of a sexologist looks like.

+ How she struggled with putting herself "out there" as a sex coach and the practical steps she took to overcome this fear.

+ Her own journey of exploring her sexuality with both men and women and why she believes coming out as bisexual was important for herself and other women in the same position.

+ Her experience with homophobia and how she worked through the rejection and negativity associated with this experience.

+ Her advice for women who are feeling called to explore their sexuality and their sexual desires.

+ Why money and sex are intertwined and how finances can influence your sex life.

+ The importance of being open and honest with your children about sex.

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Mar 1, 2016

Last year, Amanda Sandlin discovered almost by accident that practice not only makes perfect, but can also help us unearth our elusive true voice.

An artist and graphic designer, Amanda embarked on The Year of Making and found that, after months of consistently showing up and doing the work, she began to make art that felt like an honest expression of herself – for the first time in her life.

In this interview, Amanda shares:

+ How being self-taught made her feel like an impostor, and how her Year of Making helped her shift into fully owning her creativity.

+ How she found her own aesthetic and voice simply by dutifully turning up to do the work every day for a year.

+ Why she believes totally free yet regular creative experimentation – even if you don't like what you're making – is the number one way to crack yourself open and find your true voice.

+ How she turned an internet hater into an empowering moment and a brand new art product for sale.

+ Why she's against people waiting around for the perfect business or creative idea, and how you can get started right now, even if you have no idea what your end game is.

+ Why she's so damn honest on social media. No pretending to be perfect. No showing only the great moments. And how that helps to build real human connections.

+ How she's built an online, virtual support network with people living all over the world after moving to New Zealand and away from her "in real life" community.

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Feb 16, 2016

If you could do anything in the world, and you knew that you could not fail, what would you want to do?

Back in 2012, sick, stressed and tired from working in the corporate world, this was the question that Rosie Rees' good friend asked of her. Rosie, without pausing or even thinking, responded with "sex therapist".

Strangely, at the time, Rosie was working as a recruitment agent, she was in a toxic relationship with an abusive and controlling man, and her Christian upbringing had imposed on her a whole world of hidden shame and guilt around her sexuality. It felt like a sex therapist couldn't be farther from Rosie's truth.

Yet Rosie says that her friend's question sparked a fire and passion within her, giving her hope that her life could be turned around.

And, with this new-found hope, she went on to leave her corporate job and toxic relationship, start her online blog and coaching business, become a yoga instructor, quit meat, alcohol and cigarettes and, most recently, birth her Australian nude yoga tour.

Once Rosie sets her mind to something, she certainly doesn't let fear, other people's opinions or rational logic stand in her way.

If you've ever felt the pull to walk a completely different path from the one you're on now but feel like it's too scary, overwhelming or just plain irrational, this story is for you.


In this interview, Rosie shares:

+ Her story from recruitment agent to relationship coach to nude yoga instructor and all the fears and challenges in between.

+ How she worked through the fear of transitioning from the corporate world to running her own business.

+ The creative and diverse methods she used to generate an income for herself when her business was in the start-up phase.

+ The methods she uses to clear pain from past relationships, overcome shame and guilt, reconnect with herself and her sexuality, lift her energy levels and increase her creativity.

+ The importance of finding balance between seeking external assistance and tuning into your own inner guidance.

+ The importance of staying true to yourself, regardless of the opinions of others.

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Feb 2, 2016

Beáta Alföldi's journey begins all the way back at the age of four when she fell in love with dancing. Later in life, after winning a scholarship, she trained in America and eventually moved to England to work in the theatre. An opportunity, she describes, that allowed her to combine her love for dance, creative inspiration and travel.

It would seem like Beáta was living the dream life. Yet the Universe had bigger plans.

One evening, as she looked out over the theatre show she had tirelessly worked on for months, a little voiced asked "Is this it? Is this going to be it for the rest of my life?"

Many people would shy away from this question but Beáta – having always had a stead-fast commitment to only ever doing what she loves – set about rectifying the in-congruency between her current life and her soul's desires, opening herself to a series of synchronistic events that propelled her down the path of yoga and then eventually leading her to discover shamanic and energetic healing.

In this interview, you'll hear Beáta talk about her lack of self-belief, the challenges and the fear she bumped up against as the Universe guided her to step up and claim her gifts.

And you'll hear the story of her dark night of the soul, a heart-breaking moment in which she lost her son, Alakai, during child birth. Beáta shares how this moment became the path to a new level of transcendence and inner freedom, giving her the courage to fully claim and step into her life’s work and purpose.

Soft yet strong, courageous yet vulnerable, wise, grounded, intuitive, with a wide-open heart, despite the incredible pain she has experienced. Beáta is a beautiful blend of divine feminine qualities. 

In this interview, Beáta shares:

+ The synchronistic events that lead her to leave behind her dance career, discover yoga and later become a Shamanic and energetic healer.

+ The loss of her son Alakai in 2011 during a three-day labour and the courage she discovered in this moment to fully claim and step into her life's work and purpose.

+ The importance of sharing our stories and how, through the sharing of these stories, we learn, heal and come to a deeper understanding of who we really are.

+ How she views financial challenges as an opportunity to live more creatively from the soul.

+ Why she believes our world is going through a huge transformation right now and through the breaking down of our old patriarchal systems a new, more positive world will arise.

+ How to embrace moments of uncertainty and use these moments to foster a deeper connection with yourself.

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Jan 19, 2016

When I last spoke to my awesome big sister and fellow She Makes Magic co-creator Alana Helbig for the podcast series (episode #002), she was standing right at the foot of an epic adventure – preparing to drive all the way around Australia in Walter the Campervan, all on her own.

Nine months and 30,000km later, Alana's returned home.

This is the story of her adventure, her journey within. Because Alana used her road trip to step away from a lifestyle that no longer felt right, instead delving deeply into her own self. A period of intense introspection.

In this interview, Alana shares:

+ Why the breakdown of her campervan proved to be a major awakening moment.

+ The lightbulb moment she experienced after being coached (live on the She Makes Magic podcast!) into embodying her depression and how she continues to use embodiment practices to shift intense emotional pain. 

+ How she began to break down the walls she'd built around her heart and move into a more open-hearted and vulnerable existence.

+ How she cultivates a connection with the universe in order to co-create or manifest what she needs (everything from new underwear to money – seriously!).

+ How she learned to stop sweating the big picture and be comfortable with what is, right now, uncertain though the future may be.

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Jan 5, 2016


Dr Ezzie Spencer left her law career to turn her personal practice – cultivating inner peace and prosperity by following the moon's cycle – into a thriving business.


These days, Ezzie's Lunar Abundance practice is gaining international recognition. Through her online Salon program and via regular speaking events, Ezzie teaches women worldwide how to cultivate inner peace and prosperity by following the moon's cycle.


In this interview, Ezzie shares:

+ How she turned her personal moon practice, developed over years of scribbling in her journal, into a thriving business helping hundreds of women worldwide.

+ What lunar abundance actually is – and why abundance is about far more than just money  – and how to tap into it in all areas of your life.

+ Why women, particularly, need help with the yin side of life, the practice of resting and receiving.

+ How the heady, intellectual, masculine world of law took Ezzie away from feminine connection with her body, intuition, feelings and emotions – and how she used the moon to reconnect.

+ Why she calls herself a "recovering over-achiever".

+ Why she believes fear and discomfort never goes away and her personal practice for getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

+ How following the moon's cycles helps Ezzie make sense of her own rhythms and emotional ebbs and flows.

+ How a trip to San Francisco changed her whole attitude toward money, which catapulted her Lunar Abundance practice from a fun hobby to a full-time business.

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Dec 15, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of packing a few things into a suitcase, saying adios to your current life and jet setting off to faraway places? No time frame. No definite plans. No responsibilities.

Meet my beautiful and brave friend Che Johnson, who has done just that.

Inspired by the empowering and soulful words of Susana Frioni, this year Che decided to leave behind her job, her friends, her family and her incredible life in Brisbane, trading it all in for the life of a wandering gypsy.

Che's solo soul journey -- as she has thoughtfully titled it -- is much more than external adventuring and sight-seeing. For Che, this journey is about doing the inner work. At the top of her priority list you'll find things like: strengthening my spiritual practice and my relationship with myself, freedom, fun and clarity.

Though Che and I have only met twice, we have become solid pen friends, mutually bonding over our own solo soul journeys. This year, via email, as we adventured externally (and internally), we have shared with each other our highs and lows, our deepest thoughts, our worries and our big breakthrough realisations -- the stuff that only comes when you're really pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

Now, in this interview, I've asked Che to share some of her insights and realisations with you, too.

If you've ever dreamed of going adventuring but fear or financial worries have held you back, if you've ever wanted to create your own version of Eat Pray Love, if you've ever felt the nudge that it's time to shake your life up a bit, then this episode is for you.

In this interview Che shares:

+ Why letting go of the need to make plans and learning to trust has been essential in her life as a travelling gypsy.

+ How she saved for her twelve month solo soul journey.

+ How she defines abundance as much more than a dollar figure in her bank account and why she believes that you don't need a lot of money to travel and explore the world.

+ How building a healthy, nurturing relationship with herself helps her to handle challenging situations as they arise.

+ Her favourite tool for gaining self-awareness, building self-compassion and manifesting magic.

+ The importance of creating soulful friendships and tips on how to find your soul sisters.

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Dec 1, 2015

Over the past five years, Jenna Ward has made a dramatic transformation from uninspired hospital pharmacist to freedom-loving kinesiologist and embodiment coach.

And she’s done it all using one simple strategy: following her curiosity.

In this chat, Jenna delves deep into how she made the change, revealing how she dealt with doubt and judgement from close friends and family, while letting old relationships die in a healthy way. Plus, she offers wisdom on financial fear, career confusion, emotional turmoil and building self-trust.

Jenna also shares:

+ The one daunting question that changed her life, and how she broke it down into small, achievable stepping stones.

+ How you can open to more joy, more passion and more pleasure, accessing near limitless energy reserves.

+ Why opening to our true passions often also opens the door to pain and sadness – and how to cope.

+ How she discovered an old family story was keeping her own savings locked in an “energetic safe” – and how she freed up her cash.

+ Why the story of “I’ve got so much work to do on myself” keeps us from feeling good right now.

+ Why she believes our purpose in life is to make ourselves feel happy and full – and why there’s nothing selfish about living via that philosophy.

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Nov 3, 2015

Today, a conversation with Kelley Sheenan, founder of the delightful Australian eco fashion and lifestyle magazine, Peppermint.

It was while pregnant with her son that Kelley first began to take an interest in sustainable fashion. That curiosity eventually grew into an all-consuming obsession that turned her life upside-down.

Back then, Kelley was moderately happy working as a graphic designer and selling clothing at local markets in New Zealand. Then, someone mentioned green cotton. What does that even mean, she wondered?

After moving to Australia, and trying her hand at everything from selling car batteries to telemarketing for charities, Kelley decided to launch a sustainable fashion magazine.

Friends told her she was crazy. Print was dead, they said. Besides, it was 2008 and the world was in the grip of financial crisis – a terrible time to launch a new business. Still, Kelley would not be dissuaded. She was driven by a burning desire, a feeling that she just had to pursue this, no matter what.

In this podcast, Kelley talks about her journey, about how she launched a magazine with a zero dollar budget, how she coped on the brink of financial failure and amid marital breakdown, and how she embraced fear and overcame impostor syndrome.

Kelley says she's determined to show people the dark side of the textile industry but in a positive way that inspires action. I think that's what I love most about Peppermint Magazine. It doesn't shy away from the big issues, yet, amid a sea of negative media, Peppermint reminds us that there really are so many good people out there doing incredibly good things.

In this interview Kelley shares:

+ How she launched Peppermint Magazine from a zero-dollar budget and what kept her going as she faced extreme financial pressure and doubt from those closest to her.

+ Why she believes we all need to know more about sustainable fashion.

+ How learning the principals of mindfulness has helped her cope with overwhelm, divorce and anxiety.

+ Why she believes quitting your job to follow your dreams might not be the best idea after all – and what she recommends instead.

+ How she's made Peppermint Magazine financially stable as other media organisations worldwide battle plummeting profits.

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Oct 20, 2015

Though I've never met Bec Van Leeuwen in person, I've watched with quiet admiration as she's created her heart-centred, soul-aligned biz -- Soul Sister Circle -- an organisation that creates opportunities for women to come together to learn, be inspired, forge meaningful friendships, and create powerful collaborations.

You only need to glance briefly at the work Bec is doing to know that she is in tune, connected, and committed to her soul's work. My assumption was that Bec had always been this way. So, when Bec began sharing her story with me, I was shocked to find someone whose past story was just like mine.

Her need to control, her struggle with letting go, her unattainable desire for perfection, her fear of letting herself truly feel, defining her own self-worth and identity by her job title.  I felt the grip around my heart release slightly as she shared all this with me. Finally, here is someone who has been entrapped in her own struggle cycle of control and fear but has somehow managed to break free. Here is someone who has been in the trenches, doing the work, learning the lessons, making the mistakes and learning again. Here is someone who is human, real, just doing the best she can at each moment in time.

Bec's journey is refreshing because there's no overnight success story and no false pretence that she's got it all figured out. It was only through her learning how to get out of her own way, finally let go and give herself permission to fully express herself and her soul's desires in this world, when the magic truly started to happen.

If you feel lost or like a slow learner or like you're behind every body else in this journey of self-awakening and transformation, this is THE story for you.

In this interview Bec shares:

+ Her story from corporate-world-video-editor, to a Budhhist monk personal assistant, back into the corporate world, to life coach, to soul-led business owner.

+ The story of how Soul Sister Circle was born and the fears she had to overcome in order to bring her inspired vision to life.

+ Her struggle with needing to control every aspect of her life and the power she discovered in learning to let go and truly surrender to her soul.

+ How comparing herself to other women left her in a state of ego-driven fear and discomfort.

+ Mother's guilt and how she releases the pressure for perfection by setting clear intentions.

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Oct 5, 2015

Tabitha Jayne is an eco-psychologist, author, speaker and the founder of The Nature Process – an online program that teaches you how to tap into the power of nature so that you can discover the power and potential of your natural self.

Tabi's love for and connection with the natural world started when she was just a child. As you’ll hear in this interview, Tabi has endured some extremely dark experiences throughout her life — severe ill health, bullying, childhood abuse, rape, and the death of her younger brother in a car accident — more darkness than any woman should have to experience in a lifetime. Yet again and again, Tabi returned to the healing power of nature to release her trauma.

The sudden death of her brother and a profound awakening experience with an old oak tree propelled her into a period of deep healing and spiritual growth, eventually leading her to uncover and develop The Nature Process. Yet, her journey did not stop here.

This interview catches Tabi in the midst of another profound awakening.  Struggling with a desire for validation and approval in her own business, Tabi has deep dived into the discomfort, uncovering a well of trauma she thought had been healed long ago. Tabi openly shares how she has used her own nature process to heal this trauma and come out the other side with a new and more aligned business vision —  to have the earth viewed as a living, sentient being.

In this interview Tabi shares:

+ The five steps of The Nature Process and how you can use these steps to release deep emotional blocks and childhood trauma.

+ How she financially supported herself while developing her online course and writing her first book, even when she was guided to donate 100% of the proceeds to charity.

+ Three practical steps for building your intuitive muscle.

+ How her desire for validation and approval in her business helped her to uncover unhealed childhood trauma and how she used The Nature Process to heal this trauma and realign her business vision.

+ The freedom that comes with trusting the timing of your life.

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Sep 15, 2015

Sarah Durnham Wilson used to be a rock journalist interviewing stars for top magazines like Rolling Stone and GQ, until her non-stop party girl lifestyle took its toll. Burnt out and broken-hearted, Sarah fell to her knees beside her bed and begged for change – or death.

Hitting rock bottom sparked a monumental transformation that has seen Sarah emerge as a deeply wise divine feminine writer and artist. She writes under her pen name Doitgirl, and also runs powerful courses and retreats dedicated to healing the self to heal the world.

If you've ever felt like you're too messy, too out of control, or too close to rock bottom, this deeply honest podcast is for you.

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Sep 1, 2015

A few years back, Marisa Lynch lost her magazine job to the global financial crisis and fell into depression. Then, inspired by the film Julie and Julia, she turned to a passion she'd long neglected – sewing. Marisa challenged herself to make 365 upcycled dresses in 365 days for just $365.

Her New Dress A Day blog quickly went viral, and Marisa appeared on TV, was interviewed by the likes of The New York Times, made dresses for celebrities and secured a book deal.

In this podcast, Marisa also talks about how unemployment taught her to put herself first, how being raw and honest on her blog helped build a deeply connected community, and the one little step she took that turned her blog into a global success.

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Aug 19, 2015

For the whole of 2014, Australian writer, photographer and social activist Sash Milne committed to buy nothing new besides essentials like food.

What Sash discovered was, when she stopped buying mindless junk, something way more valuable began to fill that hole - real human connections. The kind of deep connections many of us crave.

In this podcast, Sash talks about how allowing herself to be vulnerable and placing trust in strangers during her incredible Nothing New Project proved crucial to building lasting connections. And about how changing her outer world forced a drastic reevaluation of her inner beliefs.

If you've ever felt disconnected, alone, or like you and your life are not enough, this podcast is for you.

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Aug 5, 2015

Lauren is an intuitive coach and the founder of Inner Hue, through which she conducts intuitive readings, soul-food sessions and workshops that support men and women to reconnect with their passions, intuition and soul-guidance.


If you know Lauren's work, it's not hard to see that this is a woman that has found her purpose. She's the kind of person that draws you in with her thoughtful, unique and refreshing views of the world.

Still, as you'll hear in this interview, it hasn't always come easy for Lauren. During her journey she's suffered from confusion, depression, money blocks and fear. She's had to look closely at her own belief system and sit in discomfort as she transitioned from her old life to where she is now. I love her attitude to this process though -- she views the discomfort as a wonderful learning opportunity and, simply, just a part of the adventure of life.

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Jul 15, 2015

Nicole Mathieson is an extrodinary kinesiologist and intimacy coach. What Nicole does in her clinic can only be describe as magic. You have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate her healing ability. Nicole is such a talented healer because she's committed to doing the inner work, too. As you'll hear in this interview, she's been on her own gigantic journey of self-healing and self-discovery. And she's done it all while remaining happily married and being the mamma of two young children.

In this interview Nicole shares her wisdom on intimacy, libido, pleasure beyond the pain, soulful signposts, dealing with guilt, abundance and taking back the responsibility for lighting yourself up.

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Jun 30, 2015

Every piece of trash Lauren Singer's produced in the past three years fits inside a single Mason jar. Lauren's the mastermind behind the hugely popular Trash is for Tossers blog and she's now turning her Zero Waste lifestyle into a thriving business.

Here we talk goal setting, minimalist living and launching a start-up with a bang, including how Lauren secured an astonishing $42,000 in crowdfunding to create her business making natural laundry powder.

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